About Us

Why North American Yacht Transport Is Different

We see these as our main competitive differentiators in the Yacht Transport Industry.

GPS Tracking of your Yacht

Know where your yacht is at all times with a mobile App.

We Only Ship Yachts

Moving a yacht is not like moving a car or other cargo. We guarantee the driver experience & correct equipment to move your yacht safely.

State of the Art Equipment

Our 53′ Tri-Axle Waltron Stretch Trailer is the gold standard for boat moving. It has a 50-Ton weight Capacity and is 71′ long at max length.

Customer First

We are a customer service company FIRST and a transport company second.

About North American Yacht Transport

There are several factors that differentiate North American Yacht Transport from other Yacht Transport Companies. We carefully analyze your time frame, route and most importantly, the boat you are transporting in order to determine the best shipping equipment and route for the trip. We own our own equipment and our trailers are custom made to transport BOATS (not cars or other cargo) safely over the road.

Our operations team leverages technology to do things in the most efficient way possible. Most yacht shipping companies are disorganized, rely on manual processes or broker out yacht transport to unknown carriers and do not work in a way that is transparent to the customer. We transport boats only with our own specialized equipment & we have automated our work by creating a database of all state permitting & escort regulations so that any route we need to take, with any sized load is thoroughly planned without any surprises. In addition, we offer GPS tracking of your yacht while is it on the road, and coming soon we will have live streaming video of your yacht during its transport.

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. We enjoy a challenge. If your boat is oversized or your route is long or complex, we will figure out the very best way to make things happen. No destination is off limits, there is a logistical solution for all things. With us, you will know what ALL of the available options are to transport your boat, and we will provide prescriptive guidance and an expert solution to get your boat from Point A to Point B.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be renowned for creating a seamless experience through attention to detail, communication, and careful customer service. We put ourselves in your shoes, consider the trust involved with putting your boat in someone else’s hands, and the cost of many of these shipments. We have strong feelings about the way our customers and their boats should be treated. North American Yacht Transport is family-owned and managed, by a family with a generational history of boating and an understanding of what it means to an owner. Although yacht transport is a very specialized and logistical process, each customer must receive a personable, reliable, straight-forward experience.