Additional Yacht Transport Services


Our truck cargo is insured to the full replacement value of your boat. We cary 500k standard and can raise the limit if your yacht is more valuable.

GPS Tracking

We use the Live360 Mobile App (available in the App Store or Google Play) so that you can track your yacht along its journey. If you would like us to set this up for you, just let us know – it’s included for any transport!

Live Streaming Video

Coming Soon we will offer live-streaming video of your yacht en route to it’s destination!

Customs Clearance

When shipping your yacht from Canada to the U.S. or from the U.S. to Canada, customs procedures must be handled on both sides. Whether you are importing your yacht permanently, or just require a temporary permit, we can help put you in touch with customs agents to make your legal entry a smooth one.

Shrink Wrapping

It is typically not necessary to shrink wrap your yacht for transport by truck. In most cases, shrink wrapping your yacht is far more expensive than having it cleaned at destination. However, we are glad to discuss this option! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info.

Door to Port

If you are transporting your yacht by ship, but still need to get your boat to port for loading, in many cases, it is easier and more cost effective to bring your boat to port by truck! In these cases, we will be glad to help arrange for trucking as part of your ocean transport.


Let's Talk!

Fill out the quote request form or give us a call directly at +1.850.384.9852. We’ll need to know about your boat size, and desired route and schedule.


We Plan Your Route

Consulting with the DOT & State Permitting Offices, our operations team determines the best route to deliver your yacht to your desired destination within your time frame.


Get Your Quote!

We send you a custom quote and start-to-finish plan for loading, and shipping your yacht. You check the paperwork and return the signed contract.


We Transport Your Yacht!

Our driver picks up your yacht for transport. You will have direct communication with us and 24-hour GPS tracking throughout the journey.

Why North American Yacht Transport Is Different

We offer the Gold Standard for service in the Yacht Transport Industry.

GPS Tracking of your Yacht

Know where your yacht is at all times with a mobile App.

We Only Ship Yachts

Moving a yacht is not like moving a car or other cargo. We guarantee the driver experience & correct equipment to move your yacht safely.

State of the Art Equipment

Our 53′ Tri-Axle Waltron Stretch Trailer is the gold standard for boat moving. It has a 50-Ton weight Capacity and is 71′ long at max length.

Customer First

We are a customer service company FIRST and a transport company second.