Partnership & Referrals

We understand that industry professionals need yacht transport as well, and their needs are different.

Yacht Transport by Ocean

North American yacht transport specializes in oversized loads, but there are limits to how large a boat can be to be transported by road. Due to the size of some boats, or complexity of the route it is necessary or even occasionally more cost effective to transport boats by ocean liner. We partner with our sister company, Brooks Yacht Transport, for arranging yacht transport by sea.

Yacht Builders

Yacht builders and manufacturers are also in constant need of yacht transport. Brand new boats require great care in transport. And because the shipyards building these boats are often located away from major tradelanes, yacht builders need a creative transport team that is excited to find a solution to their challenge.


Whether a sea captain is full-time on a yacht, or is freelance and ready for part-time hire, he may find that he needs to assistance from a yacht transport company!

Yacht Brokers

Yacht brokers are constantly trying to sell boats to people all over the world, but they don’t always know what it would take to get the boat to the buyer’s home. A broker could suggest that a buyer do his own transport research, but if he or she has a contact in the industry that can be their expert for logistics and pricing, they can provide more value to the customer, keep deals hot, and close them quickly. North American Yacht Transport’s role with brokers is to be fast, reliable, knowledgeable, and professional.