Detailed Yacht Trucking Process


Tell Us About Your Boat & Route

The process starts when you fill out the form on our website to get a yacht transport quote, or when you give us a phone call. We will need to know the measurements of your boat, make and model, timeframe & desired route. Typically, if we have this information, and your situation is not complex, we can provide you a ballpark estimate for yacht transport cost on the initial phone call (or by email if you wish). If you wish to proceed, we will then type up a formal quote and send it to you.

This is a great time to ask us all of your questions about boat preparation & selecting a marina (if you haven’t already), also check out our Frequently Asked Questions for some very detailed information.


We Send You A Well-Researched Quote

When we send you a quote, our price for yacht transport is all-inclusive meaning we have researched your route and boat specifications and our price takes into account mileage for your desired route, as well as any special accommodations such as pilot cars, pole cars, permits, escort cars etc. that may be needed to deliver your boat safely and legally to its destination. We have confirmed the logistics & timeframe with our driver.

Our quotes are sent digitally & once you receive it you can click “Accept” right on the quote, and then we will send you a contract.


Contract Signed & Deposit Paid

Once you receive our contract, you will sign the contract digitally.  Since our equipment and drivers are in high demand, we require a 50% deposit to reserve your pick-up-date range on our schedule. Between the signing of the contract & pick-up day, if you would like to change your pick-up date, please let us know as soon as possible and confirm the change with your marina or pickup location.

Once we receive a deposit, we will give your marina a call to introduce ourselves and begin the coordinated process to ensure your boat is ready for transport on pick-up day.


Your Boat Gets Transported

On pick-up day your boat will be loaded and strapped down to our trailer at the marina (or other pick-up location). The loading process typically takes a couple of hours. Our driver would be happy to take a picture of your loaded boat at the marina and send it to you. At this point, we can also set up GPS tracking with the My360 app so you can track your boat during transport. Our driver will typically cover 500-600 miles per day. If your yacht is an oversized load, driving time is legally limited to daylight hours.

Once we arrive at your destination, the transport is completed & the remaining 50% of your contract amount should be paid at this time. The marina will unload your yacht from our trailer & the process is complete! Enjoy your boat in its new destination.

The Most Important Part of Your Process Is Choosing The Right Yacht Transporter

Red Flags To Look For When Selecting a Yacht Transporter

If you are considering other transporters, make sure to address these questions when you are evaluating.

They Quote You A Price Way Undermarket

We see this happen all time time and it only happens for two reasons:

The transporter isn’t experienced enough to accurately determine the permits needed to move your boat. In this case, they will realize their mistake and hit you with extra charges and delays.

Or even worse, some transporters may not intend on obtaining said permits – known as “bootlegging,” it means that they are intending to do the transport without permits or any necessary escorts, and they may not even be licensed transport carriers.

They Don’t Ask The Right Questions

If you are speaking with a transporter who isn’t adamant about knowing the exact height and width of your boat, chances are they are inexperienced & will not show up with the right equipment for moving your boat, leading to delays and new costs.

If you are speaking to other yacht transporters, try to deduce whether they are highly trained and experienced at boat transporting. A good transporter should also have an extensive knowledge of the interstate highway system as it pertains to transporting boats to avoid any harm or delays during your yacht transport.

They Also Transport Cars…

Yacht transport is extremely specialized – it requires specialized equipment to be done safely and responsible drivers who has worked with boats their entire career. You should select a transporter that specializes in moving yachts, not other cargo.

Since it is all that they do, An experienced yacht transporter will have experience working with The DOT, State Permitting Departments, marinas, boat yards and ports, guaranteeing a seamlessly organized and well-planned transport.

Boat Hauling is What We Do

Moving yachts of any size by truck is our specialty and our passion. We specialize in long-distance hauls of medium to large boats. Most of our transports are cross-country, or up and down the East & West coasts of North America and Canada. We use our own state-of-the-art custom equipment and employ our own highly skilled drivers to transport boats throughout North America.

We only move boats, and, like you, we are boat people. We believe that you deserve VIP service and your boat deserves the gentlest handling possible. Our boat hauling equipment includes specialized tri-axle lowboy boat trailers which have the capacity to move even oversized boats with high clearance requirements.

Trucking is often required for domestic yacht transport, due to The Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act of 1920), which prohibits ocean freight to be delivered between U.S. ports if the ship is not U.S. built, U.S. flag, and fully crewed and supported by U.S. labor. Similar laws apply in many countries around the world.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions!

Give us a call or check our our Frequently Asked Questions for more info. We’d love to hear from you and are available 7 days a week to speak over the phone.


Let's Talk!

Fill out the quote request form or give us a call directly at +1.850.384.9852. We’ll need to know about your boat size, and desired route and schedule.


We Plan Your Route

Consulting with the DOT & State Permitting Offices, our operations team determines the best route to deliver your yacht to your desired destination within your time frame.


Get Your Quote!

We send you a custom quote and start-to-finish plan for loading, and shipping your yacht. You check the paperwork and return the signed contract.


We Transport Your Yacht!

Our driver picks up your yacht for transport. You will have direct communication with us and 24-hour GPS tracking throughout the journey.